Roland Aira TR-8 808 kick note numbers

As mentioned in my review of the Roland Aira TR-8, the controls do send and receive midi messages, so you can send controller info from your DAW to the TR-8 and it will respond.

One of the fun things to do with an 808 kick is to tune it so that it matches the key and baseline of your song. Some people use the 808 kick alone to provide the baseline for their songs. I wanted to know which midi CC values matched note numbers

So I recorded the kick into Logic and used Melodyne to determine the pitch related to each midi CC value. This was a trial and error process, and sadly the increments for pitch from 1-128 were not set to include clear musical intervals. I wish Roland had thought that one out a bit more. However I have created a chart of the CC values closest to notes in the scale. In the very low pitches, it’s hard to tell and other factors can affect how the note is perceived down there, so use this as a guide, and then adjust as needed to make the kick sound right in your mix.

Kick pitch is controller #20, and here are the CC values that correspond to notes.

120 = B
106 = A#
93   = A
81   = G#
70   = G
58   = F#
48   = F
38   = E
29   = D#
20   = D
12   = C#
4     = C