Review of “Ritual Music For Broken Magick” CD
- Chart Magazine

Greg Clow for Chart Magazine, December 1997.

After several years and several cassette demos, Scott Righteous has finally given his Bitter Harvest project a full-length release. An occasional member of Montreal-based media terrorists, Phycus, Righteous has carried some of that project’s sound exploration into his solo effort, although the absurd humour often found in the work of the collective is absent here. In it’s place is a solemn intensity and a sense of the mysticism suggested by the album’s title. Electronic washes and drones float through the mix while various percussive elements — hand drums, gongs, bells — build upon each other to produce a magical and hypnotic soundscape. A fine release that rivals the output of such “dark music” labels as World Serpent and Soleilmoon.

G.C. -Chart Magazine review.

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