Review of “Ritual Music For Broken Magick” CD
- Exclaim Magazine

Bitter Harvest is Canadian percussionist Scott Mackay, aka Scott Righteous. A former member of the Neo-ist collective Phycus. Mackay has abandoned the hard industrial electronics for more acoustic instrumentation and Eastern sounds. On this self-produced debut, Mackay has created a spiritual world that revolves around the rippling patterns of drums, tablas and finger bells. Underneath this spare, taut drumming, Mackay has layered ominous synths and Tibetan horn drones that weave in and out of the primary rhythms. Mackay has an obvious interest in the Eastern ideas of trance through meditative drones and repeating percussion patterns, but this is not another polite Fourth World record that gets by on soothing ambience and evanescence. There is a dark brooding, almost threatening mood that permeates the record. For Muslimgauze fans and lovers of experimental percussion.


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