Review of “Ritual Music For Broken Magick” CD
- Staalplaat Vital Weekly

Franz (of Stalplaat) for Vital Weekly, January 1998.

By now you know me: I’m slightly allergic to all things that are either ‘ritual’ or ‘magick’, let alone ‘… and …’. It connects my mind to so many things in music that I particularly don’t like: it brings to mind a dark crowd of grim looking youngsters that are neither performing rituals or into magic deeply. Having said this, the CD by Bitter Harvest is not bad at all. Many of the eight pieces are indeed dark and rhythmical, like a computerized Crash Worship. But the humming voices and ditto strings, that are commonly found on this sort of release, are kept to a minimum. Therefore this CD is more enjoyable, well at least for me, then say the average Hybryds CD. But I doubt whether I will be a big fan of the genre anyway.


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