“Remembering Rothko” A Tribute To Morton Feldman

“Remembering Rothko” is an ambient record I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  It’s no secret that I’m a big Morton Feldman fan, and when I glitch up video footage I see Rothko paintings everywhere.  Usually the glitches are too busy to match the purity of Rothko, so let’s just say they are Rothko-esque.

Similarly this music which I composed as an attempt to pay homage to Morton Feldman, is Feldman-esque.  It’s a pure ambient album, no rhythm, no context, no melody – just tonality and sound.  Where Feldman had violins at his disposal, you will only hear the essence of violins in my music – an orchestra that soars and then mutates into rippling pulses.  What I like about Feldman’s minimalism is that it is beautiful and emotional because it is sparse.  There are other minimal composers I appreciate who will torture violins as if to strangle an emotional response out of the listener with a harsh non-compromising noise.  (hey, I like that too – check out my “Violins” release).  Feldman however gives you a vast inviting landscape and you can weave yourself into that and accept it’s beauty, or you can leave it – the music makes no demands, initiates no intent.

This release has a full dynamic range from very quiet to fairly loud.  I don’t believe in over compressing the hell out of music, especially ambient music that should have wide differences in volume, that’s the point of the journey.  Flatline music is death.

I would not call this release noisy, although others may disagree.  If you like ambient music that is more on the melodic side you may like this even if you don’t like my other ambient releases.

You can download it here.