Pulse Ritual

Pulse Ritual is an electronic ritual piece in the style of say, The Hafler Trio during that brief period where they released the classic albums “Fuck” and “Masturbatorium”.  Unlike other Bitter Harvest ritual music, the ethnic percussion was replaced with raw electronics for this one.

I would also have to cite The Hybryds as a key influence here.  The Dutch ritual-industrial band, not Hybrid the techno band (whom I also really like), and certainly not The Hybrid Kids, (whom I love.)  The Hybrid Kids are an influence in my day to day life, but not on this particular piece of music.  Glad I got that all cleared up.

This piece is unique among the other Bitter Harvest releases, although there are many others like it in the stack of things I’ve not released.  Perhaps some day I will compile a full collection of stuff in this style.  Until then this track will have to suffice.

You can download this one for free right here.