Other Stuff

This part of the site includes all the stuff and information that isn’t as exciting as music.
My plan is to write gear reviews and album reviews of artists I like.

My gear reviews are by no means meant to be comprehensive listings of gear specifications. There are so many excellent sites that give you that info. What I find is that many sites focus on the features, and miss out on the real world opinions you get when you use the gear for a while. My reviews are all opinion, based on my experience. I will tell you why I chose one piece of gear over another.  My gear needs may not match yours, but hopefully I can help you figure out if that gear is right for you or not.  I don’t detail statistics, so read what SOS has to say first, then dig into my long rambling stories of gear lust.

Similarly, my album reviews are my opinions about the music.  If you want to know the history of the band, or all the other details, like what they had for lunch, there is facebook, twitter, and a million other outlets for that info.  I want to share my excitement about an album when I’m still excited about it, not after I’ve gotten the wind knocked out of me by trying to be all journalistic and doing research.  I’ve got beer to drink.

This area is meant to grow and change, so come back to see if it’s improved.
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