Multi Purpose Saws (a Musicus Phycus compilation)

Scott Righteous was a member of Phycus in the ’80′s when the band formed in Halifax.  Although his official position was listed as “Minister of Propaganda and Child-Care Coordinator”, his official duties included playing both acoustic and electronic drums.

Near the end of the ’80s, when most of the band moved to Montreal, he moved to Toronto, but continued to play drums for them on many occasions whenever they did shows in Toronto.

Phycus was legendary for many reasons, and there is lots of information about Phycus in the hidden cracks of the internet.  So grab a beer and google that shit for a few hours.

This release was a compilation of various projects by many of the members of Phycus.  There are only a few ‘ex’ members of Phycus, once you are in, you may be called on at any time to perfrorm your Phycus duties.  I believe there are over a hundred members of Phycus who have performed on stage at some time, so this release is not all of them, just some of the best who were doing work at that time.  This release came out in 1997.

The Bitter Harvest song on this compilation is “Terminal Stress”, a pure noise track.  Tone without rhythm, sound without melody.  I’m sure you can download it somewhere on the internet.