Ambient Bedside Alchemy

Ambient Bedside Alchemy is an ambient album from some time in the year 2000.  There are no beats, no contextual elements, no arpeggiated synths or melodies – just sound.

This follows the Bitter Harvest strict definition of “ambient”, so I feel the need to describe it, because for many people ambient music may have rhythm, or may sound like Tangerine Dream, or who knows what.  I’m obviously not against those things, but to me pure ambient music has no rhythm and the term “ambient techno” makes my head explode.

It is not thick and bassy like many modern ambient albums, such as the awesome releases by Lustmord. (I collect ‘em all)  This would best be described as windy high frequency sounds with tons of reverb.

If that sort of thing excites you, then download it here.