Acid Lounge Lizard

Acid Lounge Lizard is a project that never quite made it to where I wanted it to go.  I consider these songs to be finished and complete, but the project isn’t.

These songs were recorded on and off over a period of 10 years with the idea that I would eventually have a full set of “Acid Lounge” music –  most of which would have vocals.  I had envisioned lots of xylophones with space echo and me in a red sequined jacket crooning over dub beats.  Some of that happened, but I think this might still be a work in progress.  Although in my mind these songs are similar, in that I’m (singing?) on them and they have beats – there really is a lot of variety from one track to the next.  It’s not all dub, and it’s not all noise, but it has elements of both.

For obvious reasons, thanks are due to Dave Howard for the positive influence he has on my music.

(guitar on tracks 5 & 7 by Amanda Holmes)

You can download this album here.