About This Website

What’s the deal with this new website anyway?

This is the new and (improved?) website dedicated to providing information about Bitter Harvest. There is another website scottrighteous.com which was the old portal for all musical projects of mine, of which Bitter Harvest was just one. I write a lot of music in different styles, and then try to group my material into different projects, keeping similarly minded stuff together. I once had a clear idea of what “Bitter Harvest” was, and more importantly what it wasn’t. Now however I feel less interested in maintaining separate websites and separate projects, and keeping each project locked into one style. I don’t have time to pretend to be ten different bands when I’m just one person! Of course I never followed my own rules anyway, and released vocal pop-industrial, harsh noise and minimal ambient stuff, all under the name Bitter Harvest, when that project was supposed to be none of those things. Recently Bitter Harvest has become a dub project. Oops I did it again!

This new website is an attempt to simplify this mess. For now, almost all my music is going to be lumped under the name “Bitter Harvest”. I tried to keep this project simple and pure, but it evolved, there was always a dub influence in there, but now that influence is front and center. The newest incarnation of Bitter Harvest sounds different, and well, that’s life. The transformation has always had a common thread; I used to play live drums and other things into an 8-track tape loop, then I used various hardware loopers, and now (finally) software has caught up to where I can use a laptop reliably for the same purpose. I’ve always tried to ensure that my live shows have a good mix of prepared and improvised elements.

So for now, this is the place for info on all my music. When I put albums and EP’s up on Bandcamp, I will be very descriptive of what the music sounds like, and provide previews so that you will totally know what you are getting. I will likely still use a few of my project names for some stuff here and there if it makes sense.

It goes without saying that much of the information on this site is old (including the other “about” pages). I was very active releasing stuff and playing shows for a while, then went into hiding (for about 10 years) where I wrote lots of stuff but didn’t post it online because I always felt too busy. Making music is more fun than updating websites. I’m trying to fix that now, and hope to have more going on in the next few months, so go to facebook if you want updates on shows, or browse this site if you want to check out songs or just get straight up info, including  my opinions on gear and music.

(march 30th 2012)