About Scott Righteous

A brief musical history of Scott Righteous

Scott RighteousScott Righteous is first and foremost a drummer, although he considers himself to be a songwriter first and everything else second. His early musical history indicates that he has been in a variety of Punk and Industrial bands, as a ‘drummer’.

Here is a quick look at some of the better known projects Scott Righteous has been involved in over the years;

In the late 80’s up until the late 90’s he played drums in the noise terrorist band ‘PHYCUS’. Phycus was on the cutting edge of fusing elements of noise, Neoism, choas theory and raw meat into a unique ‘musical’ experience.

In the early 90’s Scott Righteous (briefly) played drums for the father of Neoism; Monty Cantsin.

In the mid 90’s he played drums in the Toronto based ‘Devoured’, a funk/techno/lounge/dub/-pop band fronted by Dave Howard of the ‘Dave Howard Singers’ fame. In hindsight Devoured may have been one of the first in a wave of bands later to be dubbed ‘Trip-Hop’.

While playing in bands, he was always recording his own music which generally fell into the territory of industrial music.  This sometimes took the form of experimental noise, but also included more accessible aggressive industrial pop.

In September of 1997 ‘Ritual Music For Broken Magick’ was released independently, and later distributed by Silver USA throughout North America.  The sound of Bitter Harvest on this release centered around playing a variety of hand drums and ethnic ritual instruments.

Immediately after this CD release a number of exciting live shows followed.  These shows saw Scott playing instruments and drums into an 8-track tape loop, creating layers of rhythm and sound.  No samplers, computers or backing tapes were used, other than the tape loops themselves, and the music was played, mixed and processed on stage.  The live shows were not re-creations of the songs on the CD, but dubbed out versions of them.  Many songs performed live were never released in any form.

The next step for Scott Righteous included remix work, compilation releases and the recording of a follow up Bitter Harvest CD.

One thing about Scott is that he is constantly pre-occupied with different musical projects, and as a result it is more likely that four songs from four different projects will get completed before two songs from any one project are complete.  This makes it difficult to finish a full album worth of material.

- Hank Erchief.