About Bitter Harvest

A brief history of Bitter Harvest

Bitter Harvest has usually been the work of one person, Scott Righteous. But the band name dates back to 1987 when he and another musical cohort Jody Cairns began experimenting with industrial music.  Early cassette recordings received some college radio play, but nothing from this period was widely distributed.

The real sound of Bitter Harvest became solidified in 1997 with the release of the CD “Ritual Music For Broken Magick”.  Described by one magazine as “World music for a dark world”, this release showcases the hand drumming of Scott Righteous alongside sampled and electronic rhythms.  The use of middle eastern percussion with a focus on trance, drone and ritual based composition gives this music a style that clearly separates it from other purely electronic releases.

It’s got ambience, but it’s not ambient.  It uses electronics, but it’s not electronica.

- Hank Erchief.